Some common questions and answers

Why is there a National SES Volunteers Association?

Nationally 43,000 men and women give up there time to support their local communities by training, preparing and responding to natural disasters as volunteers with their State or Territory Emergency Service.  Each State and Territory has a State Emergency Service and a corresponding Volunteers Association that has been established to support the volunteers that support the communities.  A few years ago the Presidents of each State and Territory Volunteers Association got together and decided that it would be appropriate to form a National Body to advocate on behalf of volunteers on matters of National interest.  It was also decided that the State based bodies would stop fundraising activities and the National Volunteers Association would do this and provide each with a grants.

Can I join the National SES Volunteers Association?

As a representative body membership of the National Volunteers Association is made up of each State based Volunteers Association.  The head of each state based Volunteers Association fills the role of a Director on the Board.  Each Director is a SES Volunteer in their State.  The Board elects a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer.  

How can I support the National SES Volunteers Association?


The National SES Volunteers Association, in agreement with each state and Territory SES Volunteers Association has commenced fund raising. Funds raised in each State and Territory go the SES Volunteers Association in that State or Territory to provide programs to their respective volunteers.

Funds are raised through a number of different channels including raffles, advertising, bequests and donations.  The National Volunteers Association is also seeking corporate sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

The simplest way to support us is to purchase a raffle ticket.

I would prefer to make a donation?


You can make a donation online by selecting make a donation  by following this link for NSW, A.C.T & N.T. or alternatively you can call 1300 804 562 or follow this link or you can call 03 86829214 for all other states.

How can I buy a raffle tickets?

Raffle tickets can be purchased online by following this link ( for NSW, ACT & NT supporter or you can call 1300 804 562 and for all other states purchase online by following or you can call 03 86829214 for all other states.

What types of programs do the State's operate to support their members?


Each State and Territory is provided with a grant from the National SES Volunteers Association based on the fundraising in that jurisdiction.  For example NSW operates grants programs for equipment, scholarships, support for training. Information on those programs are available on each State and Territories website available by following this link.

How can I check if the call I received is legitimate?


Only 4Mile is authorised to fund raise on our behalf in NSW, ACT & NT.  If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a call you can verify it by calling 1300 804 562. Communication Direct is authorised to fund raise in all other states.  If you have a concern about the legitimacy of a call you can verify it by calling 03 86829214,

What if I have received a scam call?


Unfortunately scams exist. No one likes this.  If you think you may have received a scam call and live in NSW, ACT or NT then please let us know by calling 4Mile on 1300 804 562 or if you live in VIC, Q'ld, Tas, SA. WA then please let us know by calling Communication Direct on 03 86829214  so we can make a report to Scamwatch.

Where does my support go?


The National SES Volunteers Association distributes funds to the State and Territory based Associations using a very simple process.  If the funds were raised in a State or Territory then they go to that State or Territory.  Each State and Territory has different rules that the National Association complies with by holding the appropriate fundraising authority.  

Who conducts the raffle?

Fundraising by the National SES Volunteers Association has been contracted to 4Mile & Communication Direct, they are professional Contact Centres that also do similar work for other charities.  4Mile & Communication Direct are paid a fee in accordance with the fund raising authority issued in each State/Territory it undertakes fund raising activities.  This varies from State to State.  The generosity of our supporters enable the National Volunteers Association and each State/Territory to operate.  The National Association has decided to do this so we can focus on our primary role of supporting SES Volunteers through each State/Territory based Volunteers Association..