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The National State Emergency Service Volunteers Association Ltd was formed in 2015. The National State Emergency Service Volunteers Association Ltd is an incorporated association established as a not for profit entity and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission.

The National State Emergency Service Volunteers Association Ltd has been established to represent the thousands of State and Territory Emergency Service volunteers. The Association works to achieve nationally consistent goals that represent the interests of its volunteer members, advocating for them when appropriate.

With over 43,000 State and Territory Emergency Service volunteers the Association provides a forum for national cross jurisdiction communication, collaboration and coordination on common issues in the emergency management arena that effect volunteers.

Board of Directors

Gordon Hall ESM.jpg
Gordon Hall ESM
Western Australia

Gordon started in 1993 as an SES Volunteer with the Swan Unit of the WA SES. During that time he was involved in a number of searches and operations. Gordon has been involved in the WA SES Volunteers Association since 1995 and has served as an SES Consultative Committee representative. He was appointed to the first FESA Board as the Representative from the State Emergency Service. In 1999 Gordon was appointed as a Director with FESA and retired in 2011. Gordon served 2 years as the Secretary and 6 years as the President of the WA SESVA and serves as the Chair of the WA SES Volunteer Advisory Committee.

David Rowlands
BendrupsHeadshot2018 .jpg
Faye Bendrups
Vice Chair

Faye is a VICSES volunteer Controller with extensive operational experience, including as an Operations Officer, Safety Officer, Staging Area Manager and Base Camp Manager for numerous fire support deployments. She is the Secretary (formerly Chair) of the Victoria SES Volunteers Association and serves on various local, state and national EM reference groups. She has a Cert IV in Frontline Management, received an Emergency Services Foundation scholarship for research into earthquake and tsunami response in Peru, and is recipient of the Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champion Award for Leadership.

Doreen McEncroe ESM
Australian Capital Territory

Doreen McEncroe has been an active member of the ACT State Emergency Service since 1988.  Doreen has been involved in all the major flood, storm and bushfire incidents in the ACT and interstate.  She s known for her sense of duty and calm in an emergency, Doreen was awarded the Emergency Service Medal in 2010 for distinguished service. She has also been awarded the 2003 Inaugural recipient of the ACT Volunteer of the Year Award in the Emergency Service category. Doreen is President of the ACTSES Volunteers Association and was its inaugural President since it was formed in 2008.

Warren Hicks
Ron Green
Eddie Cowie ESM

David Rowlands is the President of the Victorian State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.

South Australia

Warren Hicks is the President of the South Australian State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.

Northern Territory

Ron Green is the President of the Northern Territory State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.


Eddie Cowie is the President of the Queensland State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.

Lance Mullgan
Greg Cook
Western Australia
Kim Davis ESM
New South Wales
Bob Muller is the President of the Tasmanian State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.
Greg Cook is the President of the Western Australia State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.
Kim Davis is the President of the New South Wales State Emergency Service Volunteers Association.
Established In
 28000  Volunteers
States & Territories

National Council

Under the constitution of the National State Emergency Service Volunteers Association Ltd, the Board of Directors has formed a National Council as a working group to consult on, undertake research or review and advise on issues that are relevant to the organisation.



The National State Emergency Service Volunteers Association Ltd is self funding through a variety of channels that are being established so it does not have to rely on government grants.  Fundraising activities have commenced in jurisdictions where a license has been obtained.  Funds raised to support State Emergency Service Volunteers are distributed through the State/Territory based Volunteers Association.  Funds raised in a jurisdiction are directed to support volunteer State Emergency Service members in that jurisdiction.


Governance documents of the National State Emergency Service Volunteers Association Ltd are available at:


Tax Concession Status


Fund Raising Approvals:

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory (Not Required)



Northern Territory (Not Required)

Queensland (Not Required)

Western Australia 

South Australia (Being processed)

Corporate Strategy

In July 2016 the Board met to determine its first corporate plan with a focus across three areas - Governance, Advocacy and Profile Growth.  This plan will establish the ground work for fundraising to support the State and Territory based Volunteers Association who in turn will be implementing programs to support their members.


Our Mission:

Advancing SES Volunteers through National Representation and Advocacy

Our Vision:

To lead and influence change.

Objectives of our Plan:

Profile Growth                                                  

Establish an Engagement Plan on how we will effectively communicate with a diverse audience to increase awareness of the National SES Volunteers Association’s role within the volunteering community across Australia.



Build rules and operating procedures that provide transparency in all activities that the Association undertakes so that our stakeholders have confidence in all that we do.


Develop nationally consistent positions on matters that are relevant to all the State and Territory associations and communicating to our stakeholders.


Read more about our plan here.




Annual Reports

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