The National SES Volunteers Association publishes information as web pages, publications, documents and images (Information).  The Information is subject to copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 and is owned by the Volunteers Association. 

The information may be in print and/or electronic format.

Conditions under which Information can be freely used


The Volunteers Association encourages the availability, dissemination and exchange of public information.  You may generally copy, distribute, download and otherwise freely deal with the Information for any purpose, on the condition that you provide attribution the Volunteers Association on all uses.

This includes reproducing in the same form or changing from one form to another, for example reproducing a web page in a text book or reproducing a printed document in an electronic format such as on an intranet or CD-ROM.

When and how to seek permission

You must obtain permission from the Volunteers Association if you wish to:
modify the Information;

  • charge others for access to the Information;

  • include all or part of the Information in advertising or in a product for commercial supply;

  • obtain profit from sponsorship of, or advertising within, a product that includes the Information;

  • deal with the NSW SES Volunteers Association logo other than by the copying, distributing or displaying of a NSW SES Volunteers Association document or publication in its entirety.  In particular, the logo must not be displayed on a third party website for the purpose of linking to the NSW SES Volunteers Association website; and

  • deal with NSW SES Volunteers Association forms other than by downloading, printing or distributing them in order to obtain services from NSW SES Volunteers Association.


Displaying the Information on another website


You may display Information on another website (with the appropriate attribution).  However, where this information is an entire web page or document or publication on the Volunteers Association website, you should make a direct link to the web page, document or publication to ensure the latest version is always displayed.


Exceptions to the policy


This copyright policy does not apply to any third party web pages, documents or publications

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